Patient Testimonials

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Patient Testimonials

I am extremely happy with the quality and compassionate service that I’ve received. I was a brand new patient and was given an appointment immediately; Dr. Mikhael explained her methodology and ideas for treatment in a very collaborative discussion. Her approach to healing focuses on the entire body, not just one specific pain point. Her energy and progressive-thinking makes me feel that all possible alternatives are being considered to determine the best course of action for each individual patient.
Sandy - Chicago
I recommend Dr Mikhael to everyone I know!
Cathy - Chicago
Dr. Mikhael,
Just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done. Because of you, I no longer use pain medication. My neck and back have never felt better. You've improved my quality of life, and for that, I am eternally grateful.
John - Chicago

"After seeing Dr. Miriam my health has improved, I am more knowledgeable, and I just feel better."
Lindsey - Bartlett

I've suffered from migraines due to muscle spasms in my neck (due to car accidents, etc.) for 23 years. I've seen many doctors and have tried many medications and nothing helped. I recently started going to see Dr. Mikhael and I've gone from a migraine once a week to not having one in a month! 
Mary - Bloomingdale

When I met Dr. Mikhael several years ago, I was in so much pain my husband had to practically carry me into her office. After meeting with her and receiving an adjustment, I was able to walk out on my own. By the end of two weeks of treatment, I was almost pain free. She has worked with me closely since that time to keep me upright and feeling good.
Rita - Itasca


I started coming to Dr. Miriam Mikhael when I begin experiencing back pain.  I
am now back to normal and pain free.  Dr. M keeps me healthy and happy.

Kristine - Chicago



" Dr. Miriam is very attentive, informative, and flexible. She is a gifted chiropractor. She is a caring professional that is great fun to be around. She gets results. I would recommend her work and character highly to anyone."

Victor - Chicago


"Dr. Mikhael takes the time and care to serve your needs to the fullest. Excellent Chiropractor!".
Kristen, Chicago 

Dr. Miriam provides attentive and honest care for her patients.  She shows genuine concern for healing and is not afraid to refer those whom she is unable to assist to specialists to seek the care needed.  I recommend her highly. 
Janene, Chicago.
A few months ago my wife and I decided to go to Chiro4Health to see Dr. Miriam for some pain we were having in our backs. We had seen some other chiropractors and we lucked out by choosing Chiro4Health..specifically, Dr. Miriam! After a few treatments the pain has drastically diminished. Dr. Miriam does a great job of recommending exercises and different tools you can use to help heal your own body. She truly cares about her patients getting better. We highly recommend her service.
(Marc & Sophia, Chicago, IL)


My name is Joe.  I live in Wheeling.

My wife and I are so happy to have found Dr Miriam at Chiro4Health.  Her expertise and knowledge are unmatched and her service is excellent.

Thank you to Dr Miriam Mikhael.


 Dr Miriam took the time to get to know me and my health issues and

 we worked out the best possible plan to get the results I wanted.
Lisa, Chicago, IL


"(Dr. Miriam Mikhael) She is amazing. I recently was dealing with Bell's palsy and because of her I have a face again!!!"

 Sandra (Chicago, IL)